Gift card - ideas for spending?

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Gift card - ideas for spending?

Here's something more cheerful to think about than some of our recent topics. I received a gift card from Amazon and I'd love to hear some prep-minded suggestions about ways to spend it. What ideas would you give to someone who has a few hundred unexpected dollars and would like to spend it in ways that could be actively enjoyed now, as well as proving useful in an uncertain future?

Help me think dual-purpose thoughts. A sturdy wagon for the grandkids to play with could also be useful for hauling things "by hand". A glass hurricane lamp would be pretty on the party table now, and also practical in a power outage. A down comforter could be cozy now, and even more appreciated if it became harder to keep the house warm. Etc. etc.

Ideas, anyone?

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so many choices

Look through the list at the "What Should I Do?" Guide for gaps in your preps.  You could buy, as needed:

  • For Financial Capital? You could buy silver
  • For Living Capital you could buy a dehydrator or vitamins
  • For Material Capital you could do worse that putting eco-foil in your attic. We did under the roof joists for less than $200 but you could probably cover above our ceiling for around $100. Energy: rechargeable batteries and charger, or small solar charger.Or you could get a rain barrel. Or something for home security or defense as simple as planting a thorn bush under vulnerable windows.
  • For Knowledge capital you could buy books on a variety of topics: everything from home-canning to first aid to books on edible plants.If you want to buy something in the realm of Emotional Capital I HIGHLY recommend getting Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman.
  • I  do hope you've bought Chris and Adam's new book, Prosper!


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Thanks for these thoughts, Wendy

Thanks for these thoughts, Wendy.

I have the Audible version of Prosper, and the hard copy is on order. I've listened to it twice so far.smiley

In our area the most predictable hazard we need to be ready for is extreme winter weather. January usually delivers a few days of forty below. We're fairly well prepped for normal winter conditions but if we had an extended power outage, things could get miserable.

Thinking about that has formed the "filter question" for using my gift card: "Would this item help me cope in a power outage?"

So, a couple of things on my wish list are a Kelly kettle kit, and an insulated thermal cooker.  Plus a good cookbook for the latter.

I already have hundreds of books on my shelf and my Kindle, and hundreds more on my wish list. I will indeed be buying more, with a focus on "how to". Amazon has some great deals if you're willing to buy used books.

I was surprised to find junk silver coins available on Amazon. I sometimes see them on eBay, but I hadn't thought of Amazon as a source.

A dehydrator has been on my should-get-one-of-these-days list for a while, but that's something I can get locally. After I figure out a good place to store it!


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What a fun dilemma, Yoxa

I like the ideas you and Wendy have come up with for spending your gift certificate so far; what fun! 

FWIW, one of my "investments" a year or two ago was to buy a couple of nice warm down comforters for our beds, like you suggested earlier.  And I don't regret it!  We also get cold temps in the winter (tho' maybe not quite as cold as you!), and it sure is nice to have that warm comforter to quickly take the chill off on those cold nights.  I also like the peace of mind that comes with having that additional source of warmth should traditional heating sources become less dependable.


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okay, here's a list:

Are you into gardening? Look at my mychorrrizae post; or get a push garden seeder; or spend it on seedlings for fruit bushes. Get a couple books.

Do the kids like camping? A go-bag with appropriate camping stuff. We have all kinds of things including paracord and stronger cord, camp knives and hatchets, emergency blankets, camp stove, seed sets, and more.

Do the kids like biking? Bicycle accessory kits for DIY bike repairs, and a book.

Those are a few ideas. With everything, I like your idea of "use it now", because if you don't it'll be unusable when needed.

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