A proxy cold war in Syria?

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A proxy cold war in Syria?

President Obama recently assured that we're not engaging in a proxy war in Syria. Well this latest news doesn't help sell his story. Boy, the players are getting me nervous. Let's hope things don't escalate and false flags are raised even higher.

Russian Airstrikes In Syria Hit CIA-Trained Rebel Weapons Depot

"Russian airstrikes late Tuesday have destroyed the central weapons depot of a U.S.-trained rebel group, according to its commander. The Liwa Suqour al-Jabalpur rebel group, which opposes Syria President Bashar Assad's authoritarian regime, was trained by the CIA at training camps in Saudi Arabia and Qatar."


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NATO Threatens to send ground troups to Syria

NATO Threatens To Send In Troops After Russia Stations Ground "Battalion" In Syria

Thanks to the fact that the West selected Islamic militants (ISIS) as its anti-Assad weapon of choice, Putin gets to pitch his efforts to defend Assad as a “war on terror.”

ZH predicted:

..."the Pentagon will use the gambit of a Russian ground campaign, credible or not, to get permission from Congress to send a 'small', at first, then bigger ground force of US troops in Syria to, you guessed it, 'fight ISIS'....

A commenter after the ZH article notes:

A recently released classified document obtained by WikiLeaks establishes that active US planning for regime-change predated the outbreak of the Syrian civil war by at least five years.

From another article:

The question today is merely one of timing. .... How long before Israeli planes come into contact with Russian or Iranian fighters? How long before U.S. troops come into contact with Russian troops? How long before Israel or Saudi Arabia strike Iran? And if the U.S. backs out completely, how long before the entire dynamic of the Middle East is flipped and America loses petro-status for the dollar?  With the speed of events forming a fiscal-political riptide, it is hard to imagine we will be waiting very long to find out.

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Those stray Russian missiles that inadvertently struck Iran(ian targets?).  Wonder where those came from surprise.  Lucky one or two didn't veer off and hit the local Doctors without Borders.

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Caspian Sea

They were cruise missiles that apparently came from a ship in the Caspian sea.  They must have fallen short as northern Iran and Iraq are between the Caspian and Syria.


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