Fallacies... In the time of Peak Absurdity...

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Fallacies... In the time of Peak Absurdity...

Content is important, but so is the process by which we communicate about it.

Stumbled upon this site that mentions a pack of fallacies that are possible: http://www.nizkor.org/features/fallacies/index.html#index

Some political discussions that are taking place on the other side of the pond seem to provide a rich ground for exploring these (nice homework for a secondary schoolclass? :o). Who thought one could get that far with so little to say, and making so many gaffes on the way... It seems to be the time of Peak Absurdity too, another hockey stick?

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Employment report

I often find fallacies in economic reporting, one today spewed by Fed Rep, Charles Evans. There's a "little bit of slack" in the unemployment rate.  But, the statistic came in at 5%.  That's a fallacy because you can have slack if the unemployment rate was 0.000001 percent, right?  The premise (unstated) is that because all the factors aren't exactly perfect, we have come to the conclusion that the time isn't right to raise rates.  Any one in their half-wit mind can see that all the numbers are bogus.  C'mon! Only one in every 20 working Americans is unemployed?  Please, what BS.  These "economists" appointed by special interest groups are nothing more than charlatans.  We have no inflation with an average of 200,000 new jobs generated every month for the last 4 years?  The holes in this story are big enough for a 747 to fly through and nobody seems to get it?  People are even arguing on NPR that we are far better off not allowing the construction of the XL pipeline because we are creating far more jobs without it. Unbelievable.  But, that's what makes arguments easy to see through--the conclusion must have truthful premises to back it.  Distorting numbers and delivering them to the masses will eventually be discovered because of critical thinking or the obvious, and it is quite obvious they have no intention of raising rates because the economy is so bad. The truth is inflation will never be generated under the conditions they created--it's all a Fed induced fallacy.  

This bubble will certainly pop just like all the others; but, this time people will see the fake statistics and the 12 disciples will no longer be pop stars.  The media will lose ratings and they will have to revert them back to closed mouth operations (thank God).  One-hit wonders they are, and their argument that they are ready to raise rates at any moment due to rigged premises is starting to become more evident with every ridiculous Fed statement and every "jobs Friday" report.  Sleep well, my friends!  The evidence against their argument is getting ever closer to the mass epiphany--and the fallacy will be visible to all.  Glad I live out of the city!!!

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