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round up

This post is in response to the " Off the Cuff" discussion with Charles Hugh Smith. During the discussion Round up and its effects were mentioned. Round up is comprised of glyphosphate and "inert ingredients'. Glyphosphate was first used in the 1950s as an agent to remove mineral deposits from pipes. Monsanto combined it with other agents and  patented it as an herbicide. It is now  the most widely used herbicide in the USA. In humans it causes multiple problems; including leaky gut syndrome and depletion of trace minerals. Recently many experts have linked this to the epidemic of autism. This seems reasonable, as this has been found in the cord blood of newborns and in the breast milk of nursing mothers I believe it contributes to our epidemic of obesity, cancer and gluten intolerance. For further information, I  refer you to Dr Donald Huber  a Professor from Perdue who  is one of the world's experts.

Stephen Pandolph, M.D.

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