Marjory Wildcraft - Free Home Grown Food Summit - April 6-12

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Marjory Wildcraft - Free Home Grown Food Summit - April 6-12

Gaye Levy from "Backdoor Survival", , has an announcement about a free on-line summit that I think others here may be interested in.  Here's the link to the registration page:

"This April 6-12, there is an online gathering of 30+ experts in backyard food production, homesteading, and off-grid living.  This summit has been organized by leading gardening and food production expert, Marjory Wildcraft.

"Get started growing, or take your skills to the next level.  I can say for sure that this Summit has something for everyone!   Here is a sample of what you will learn:

  •     The 6 laws of plant growth
  •     The easiest food source to grow
  •     3 gardening techniques for those with back problems or limited mobility
  •     How to recognize the signs that a plant wants to communicate with you
  •     How to be able to identify wild plants while driving 60 mph down the road
  •     The 3 easiest vegetables to save seeds from
  •     The health benefits of eating fermented foods
  •     How safe is pressure canning for preserving food
  •     The 13 weeds that can ensure you never go hungry
  •     The difference between pressure canning and water bath canning
  •     How many eggs one hen can lay in a year & and how to avoid costly mistakes
  •     The importance of resilience in today's world
  •     The secret to a green thumb
  •     The 7 most useful hand tools in a backyard homestead
  •     How to remove heavy metals from your garden soil
  •     What the healthiest people in history ate for dinner
  •     How to grow a secret garden of survival
  •     How many pounds of potatoes a beginner can grow in 200 ft.²
  •     Why the most effective form of pest-control may actually be hiding in your compost pile
  •     And much, more more!"


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I'm so impressed with Ms.

I'm so impressed with Ms. Wildcraft's ability to market herself. Real Moxy. I got her first video when it first came out and was impressed then. You go girl. She's got a good group of presenters for this.

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Thanks Pinecarr

Hi Pinecarr,

Thanks for the heads-up. I've only just registered so missed the first couple of days but looking forward to the rest of the presentations.

All the best,


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You're welcome, Luke!

I hope you enjoy the presentations!  I also like finding out about new home-steading and gardening related web-sites.

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I like the presentation.

I like the presentation.

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