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Member Status Post Counts

This is just a curious question that doesn't have any implication what-so-ever, but am I correct in assuming that the "Status: X Member" is based purely on post count and goes roughly in the following way:

< 25 posts: Member

25 - 99 posts: Bronze member

100 - 249 posts: Silver member

250 - 499 posts: Gold member

500 - 999 posts: Platinum member

> 1000 posts: Diamond member

I'd be grateful for any clarification.

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I have a partial answer for you, Stabu

I was hoping someone else who knew more details would answer you.  But since no one has responded yet, I can at least tell you that yes, the levels are based on the number of posts.  But I don't know/remember what the range is to achieve each level.

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So then maybe it WASN'T a good idea...

... to go to, just because a "diamond member" using bad English said "This are a grate website"?  wink

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