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Weekend seminars

Perhaps a curiosity, perhaps something more.  I'm not sure.  But, I see there is nothing up on the website about the heretofore annual Rowe weekend that usually takes place in March.  Also, a favorite of mine and a few others on this site, the annual Age of Limits weekend at Four Quarters Interfaith (4qf.org) in PA that has taken place annually for several years.is canceled this year.  

Is it a sign of collapse or recovery that those who meet up at gatherings where collapse is the topic are no longer interested?  Or, are such gatherings so poorly attended that they are no longer viable for the sponsors?


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In the case of our annual conference at Rowe, Doug, we are indeed having it again this year.

We were waiting for Rowe to publicly announce it, though the release of their quarterly calendar and website -- which coincidentally they did this past weekend.

I'll post the event details on PP.com later today.

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Annual Conference

Any chance you guys could video tape the Conference (at least the speakers and any key highlights) for PP members?  Make it a pay-per-view event or something?  I'd love to attend in person, but with all that is going on logistics is an issue.

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More than One Seminar


In years past I recall you having three seminars at Rowe (or another location around the same time). Is there only going to be one seminar this year like the case was last year, or are you planning to do more?

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