Mackinder’s Geographical Pivot of History

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Mackinder’s Geographical Pivot of History


The Pivot of History or Eurasia is what Zbigniew talked about in The Grand Chessborad.  


Jump to 4:00 min in on the Glenn Beck segment below.  A great explanation on this PIVOT area.   Enjoy.

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Ever play Axis and Allies? Diplomacy? Titan?

I posted something like this comment there, but I think it should be posted here, too.

I think that it would be wrong to say the author's thesis is false, but I think he sees only the simplest, most obvious truth. He misses something deeper.

His geopolitical pivot zone is all nice and well, and from the political/strategy games that I have seen, the games are set up to generate this kind of a situation.

But in every one of these games, there is usually a less obvious strategy, which if played correctly, dominates the game: it is to build the cheapest units possible, as fast as possible.

Now, in line with this, it would mean that China and India, have been dominating the game for quite some time, because they HAVEN'T gotten into the geopolitical squareoffs (typically speaking), but have instead invested in production.

China has vast mines generating iron, coal, oil, and even gold: it's called recycled waste.

China then sells our recycled waste baqk to us at four times the original cost... it makes sense.

Now, if they are starting to get geopolitical, it might not go so well for them as it had.

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