Colloidal Silver - a penny for your thoughts.

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Colloidal Silver - a penny for your thoughts.

I've heard a lot of water cooler talk about things colloidal silver can or cannot do.  Frankly I've dismissed it as a kind of unproven homeopathic "grandma's special cure all" kind of deal. 

Now I find out Costco is selling it.

I'm curious to hear what other PP'ers think about it.

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I used it in conjunction with

I used it in conjunction with oregano oil and black elderberry syrup recently at the first sign of a cold.  I can report that the cold didn't catch on, but I've had similar results with oregano oil alone (I highly vouch for that one).  It was my first time using colloidal silver and overall I am pleased with it, but I haven't exactly been running double blind studies on it and it's just as possible that it was placebo.  My wife likes it too and we have friends who swear by it.

I bought a bottle from the ready store online because it claimed to be made in a way that makes it shelf stable.  To me anything that has anti-viral and antibiotic properties that is shelf stable and available without supporting Pfizer is a must for my cabinet.  I just hope it really packs a punch if I ever need it too.

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My take on Silver...

It's a buy!

Beyond that, we know for sure that Silver has antibacterial properties..  when I was working in the chem lab 20 years ago we were doing some contract work (to look at the extraction rate into various aqueous media) for a medical products company that was making Silver impregnated rubber parts for IV connections, etc., because Silver is so effective an anti-bacterial.  Beyond that, it appears that anti-viral capacity is now being recognized;

   Among the three types of [email protected] tested, [email protected] displayed the highest efficacy for inactivating the viruses. The ΦX174 and MNV were reduced by more than 2-log10 after exposure to 4.6 × 109 [email protected]/ml for 1 h. These results indicated that the [email protected] could be used to inactivate viral pathogens with minimum chance of potential release into environment.

The problem of course is how we apply the Silver.  I guess orally applied Silver must get to the bloodstream since folks who take too much for too long have their skin turn blue from it;

That's the only downside.. more research needs to be done on the potential upside of orally ingested Silver.  Silver as a topical or local antibiotic, or anti-viral.. sounds like a proven fact. 

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Royal Blue Blood.

Obvious source of the term.


The Aristocracy thought that silver and unicorns' horns counteracted poisons so they ate off silver plates and drunk from silver cups.

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Colloidal Silver

My puppy had a patch or Red Mange on her upper lip. The vet said she would probably out grow it. (It's a puppy parasite they get from their mothers and usually their immune system deals with it quickly) we were told to go home and wait and see.  Not being one to wait and see I started putting colloidal silver on the patch daily, then one day grabbed a blend of essential oils and put on the patch. The patch disappeared quickly.  The only thing I am sure of is that when I opened the bottle of essential oils the dog would run and hide. 

Colloidal silver just seems like another item in the tool kit to have on hand to try if nothing else works and normal supply chains are interrupted.

AK Granny


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Beware of Argyria

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ColloidaLife Trace Minerals

Good stuff

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I'm taking colloidal silver

I'm taking colloidal silver on a regular basis, and I'm happy to report that I haven't caught a gold bug yet ;-)

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Thanks all

Sounds like I'll be picking up some of the topical and looking into the oral a bit more (definitely interested, but don't want to rush into becoming Papa Smurf for good).  Appreciated the feedback wink.


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Another happy customer

A former pp member, who retired and had to cancel is subscription due to cost, sent me his take on colloidal silver and asked if I'd post it.  He links to a specific product for making colloidal silver, but he is not commercially affiliated with this product.

Here it is:


Everything you hear about colloidal silver is anecdotal. There aren't any studies to scientifically prove that it works. Who would bother studying this - drug companies who can't patent the results? ... or the government whose leaders are beholden to deep pocketed individuals/corporations for their election campaign contributions? Bottom line is that it won't be studied. That just means that the medical establishment can't recommend it without putting themselves at significant risk. It doesn't mean that it has no merit.

My wife has a couple of horses. Several years ago, one of them kicked the other in the chest hard enough to raise a welt about 5" diameter and nearly an inch high. It was a blunt strike without any bleeding. When my wife discovered the welt, she got a towel and some ice for a compress and gave the horse some "bute" - an over the counter painkiller. She iced it down every 4 hours for at least half an hour for the next 3 days.

Bruises were showing up on the periphery of the welt. The lump was getting hard and detached from the base. She said that it looked like an abscess was forming. I asked her if we should call her Veterinarian. She said that he will just lance the wound, clean it out, sew it together, and instruct her to keep it clean until it heals. The healing could take months. She wanted to try something else first. (She didn't appreciate my suggestion:)

She had read that other horse owners had success with abscesses using colloidal silver. She found some at one of the local pet supply places and bought a quart of 10 PPM colloidal silver (CS.) It cost $32.00 before tax - a dollar per ounce. Yikes!

She continued the icing and "bute" plus she gave her horse 2 tablespoons (poured over some oats) in the morning and again at night for 5 days. The swelling and heat started dissipating on the second day. By the end of the 3rd day it was mostly gone and by the 5th day, it was totally gone. I was impressed, but not convinced that it wouldn't have healed itself without treatment. I was mostly relieved that I wouldn't have an expensive Vet bill.

About a year later, our golden retriever picked up kennel cough on a popular hiking trail. My wife remembered that we still had part of a bottle of colloidal silver and suggested giving him some to see what it would do. We gave him a teaspoon twice a day. By the end of the second day, the coughing was significantly diminished and after the fourth day, he was done coughing. I was a little more impressed with this result because I know how difficult kennel cough can be to eradicate.

Our dog is prone to getting ear infections whenever he goes swimming in the river. He developed a bad case after a summer swim. I used an atomizer to spray some CS in his right ear to see if it would clear up. It cleared up in less than a day with one shot. The left ear was still infected and causing him misery. I spritzed some in it and within a day, it was cleared up. This wasn't proof that it worked, but it was quite convincing. Since then, we spritz a bit in his ears after swimming and he hasn't gotten ear infections once.

Up till then, we had only used it on the animals. 2 years ago, we spent Thanksgiving with some friends and their extended family (lots of kids, otherwise known as disease magnets.) Two days later, we were both getting the feeling that a cold was coming on. We decided to try the colloidal silver on one of us. We flipped a coin and my wife won. She swallowed a couple of teaspoons twice a day for 3 days and I used Nyquil and Dayquil to combat my symptoms. She never developed a sniffle and I suffered for about a week. Is it just coincidental?

The biggest downside that I can see is that it will attack the gut bugs that help us digest food. When the treatment is done, we give pro-biotics to restore the gut flora/fauna. Otherwise, there hasn't been any side effects. We treat it like a powerful antibiotic and only use it when needed. Argyria (blue skin) probably requires excessive amounts over a prolonged period - however, that is only a guess on my part. None of the animals around here are ready to join Blue Man Group. ;-)

By now, we had nearly used up the quart she bought a few years before. She wanted to buy another quart, but I balked at the price. I did a little research on the internet to see how it was done. Basically, it is just a form of electrolysis. You need distilled water, some pure silver (.9999+,) and a DC electrical source. You could hook some Silver Maple Leaf coins to the electrodes of a 9 volt battery and generate a colloidal solution. There are many devices out there that claim to have a unique methodology. Higher concentrations aren't necessarily better as the colloids can glom together.

I couldn't decide which unit to buy when I saw a used one on craigslist. Silvonic Automatic Colloidal Silver Generator | immune system booster antibiotic protection. It was about half the price of new ($160 versus $329 at the time,) so I set up an appointment to see it. The owner had a business where he made colloidal silver along with kombachu and other herbal remedies. He claimed that he only made 40 gallons with this unit, but needed a bigger unit to keep up with customer demand. He said that he would plug the system in before leaving the shop in the evening and the gallon of 10 PPM colloidal solution would be done when he got there in the morning. His retail price was $1 per ounce.

The only thing that really wears out are the silver wires. The wires were noticeably thinner at the bend, but still had lots of life in them. I bought the unit and brought it home. On the way home I bought a gallon of distilled water in a plastic jug ($0.84) so I could make a batch. It was very simple. I set the switch to "automatic" and checked the results every half hour. In about 4 hours, the stand alone meter read 10 PPM. I left it on overnight to see what it would do. The next morning, it still read 10 PPM. There were some gray floaters on the top of the water and the silver wires looked corroded. (More reading indicated that the distilled water wasn't absolutely pure.) The "floaters" got trapped in a coffee filter as I poured it back into the plastic bottle and the "corrosion" wiped off the wires with a paper towel.

We took the dog swimming later that day and spritzed the new solution in one ear and the old solution in the other. Neither ear got infected. Great! I put the bottle in a closed cabinet. A couple of months later, one of the horses developed a cold. My wife pulled out the plastic gallon bottle and refilled the nearly empty quart bottle she bought a couple of years earlier. Just like the last time, she gave the horse a couple of tablespoons in the morning and a couple at night. After 4 days, she told me that his cough wasn't getting better.

I did some reading and found one reference that said not to store the colloidal solution in a plastic bottle because the plastic will leach the silver out of the solution. I made another batch and poured it into a glass gallon wine jug. She gave him some of it and within a few days, the cough and runny nose were done. Lesson: Keep the solution in a glass bottle.

I did some calculations to see how much it cost to make a gallon. The water can be purchased for less than a dollar per gallon. A gallon has about 3780 grams of water or 3,780,000 milligrams of water. Every million parts of water have 10 parts of silver. That means that a gallon of 10 PPM solution has 37.8 milligrams of silver in it. There are 31.1 grams of silver per troy ounce. At the current price of $18.62 per troy ounce, 37.8 milligrams of silver would be worth less than 2.3 cents. The electricity to run it might add a few cents as well. Basically, you can make colloidal silver water for about a dollar (+/-) per gallon. The retail price of colloidal silver is $128 per gallon (since there are 128 ounces per gallon.)

Should you buy one of these units (or a similar one from another manufacturer)? That depends. I'm glad I have one. They are convenient. In a SHTF scenario, you may not be able to get antibiotics on demand. You can make your own distilled water if you have the equipment and a heat source. A little PV solar panel that produces 9 volts at 20 milliamps would be able to power the unit. Then, you'd be able to produce a broad spectrum antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal solution that is safe for humans and animals. Of course, you could also just attach some wires to your solar panel along with some alligator clips that are connected to a couple of Canadian Silver Maple Leafs and dangle those coins in some home made distilled water for about 4 hours and you'd probably get something just as good. (Only immerse the coins. Keep the clips out of the water.) Even if you don't get a unit, it would be good to remember how to do it - just in case.

If society is still functioning when I wear out the wires, I plan to take short pieces of 12 gauge copper wire and solder it to 4 Maple Leafs rather than buy more wire. Each 14", 12 gauge silver wire contains nearly 0.4 troy ounces of silver. Four of them adds up to 1.6 troy ounces. The manufacturers are currently charging customers $170 for what amounts to less than $30 worth of silver. That's one hell of a mark up. I can get 2.5 times more silver for half the price.

Hope this helps with your decision making process

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Which makes me suspisious

when seeing the panic in the establishment when I read Nigeria want to try it against Ebola. I take this as a sign it will probably work.

Heaven forbid the people will cure themselves almost for free.

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I've made and used colloidial

I've made and used colloidial silver almost exactly as this man describes.  While I did not notice any effect, it is really simple to make with distilled water, a battery charger, a mason jar and two pieces of silver bullion.  I also used a meter to check EC, had about the same results he did.

The VERY important aspects are to use pure silver electrodes, have nothing but the electrodes touch the water, use distilled water, and glass vessels.

The cases of argyrosis I've read all involved people chronically ingesting rather large amounts of silver.  At 10 ppm, you have 10 mg of silver per liter of water, or about 37.8 mg per gallon.  The EPA says the reference dose is 5 ug/k/d.  That means up to 0.27 mg per day for a 120 lb person is relatively safe.  One tablespoon of 10 ppm colloidial silver is 0.15 mg of silver, well under the reference dose used by the EPA.

So in the above example, the man's wife was consuming about 0.1 mg of silver per day for 3 days, assuming his meter was accurate.  That's not a dose I'd worry about at all.

It would be nice to see double-blind studies, but I won't hold my breath...:)

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full disclosure

Here are a few studies people considering using silver should read-

From the last link-

"While researching arthritis on the Internet, the patient had downloaded detailed information on the preparation of colloidal silver (colloidal silver is a suspension of submicroscopic metallic silver particles suspended in a liquid base) for a variety of indications including joint aches. He was able to obtain plans for a simple battery-operated chamber designed to leach silver from pure silver wire. He ingested approximately 16 ounces (~ 450 ml) of 450 ppm colloidal silver three times a day for 10 months. He reported improvement in his arthritis; however, he discontinued the treatment when his skin began to turn gray."



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This looks too easy. Does this make sense?

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Re: Mike

That instructables is correct, however it is good to get a conductivity meter to a.) confirm your distilled water is pure and b.) measure the ppm of the finished product.  I just got the stuff to make this at home and I'm using an HM Digital EC-3 Conductivity Meter.  Unfortunately I can think of no way to test the success of the product or the accuracy of the meter beyond anticdotal evidence.


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I tried it for a while. Did nothing for me.

 Did nothing for me. Planning on using it up for wound care, but honestly I think salt and honey are better on wounds.

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Colloidal Silver Parameters

A lot of the research lacks vital information about the parameters of colloidal silver; the important ones are particle size and uniformity, concentration in ppm, ionic vs metallic, coated vs uncoated and quantity ingested; safe and effective parameters are 10ppm of uncoated ionic nano silver (Ag+) and 0.8 nanometer particle size

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Time warp...

It's really funny to read the post     - I hope RogerA is still online. -  but reading it you could have thought it was just posted.  It would be just as true.


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