Warren Grills Yellen on Too Big To Fail (video)

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Warren Grills Yellen on Too Big To Fail (video)

This seems to shine some light on the financial monster that is lurking. Watch video here.

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Warren Grilling of Yellen

Plan? What Plan? I sense someone got caught either procrastinating the document push or simply evidence of who's really the boss (JP Morgan) in this circle jerked mirage we call financial markets and inherent stability.

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I watch this video but don't

I watch this video but don't know how He failed in this mission? http://www.isongs.pk/video-songs/

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Grilling? This is nowhere near any grilling. These kinds of Congressional testimonies have been going on for decades and they ALWAYS prove 2 things:

1) The incompetence of Congress - How they are the ones who allowed these problems to arise in the first place (by being bought by interest groups and banksters) and approving idiotic laws.

2) How those in the supposed "hot seat" can skirt around with mumbo jumbo legalese, 10000 page documents, and the like just to stall and disassociate themselves from any responsibility.

The worst thing is that these evil cronies and criminals NEVER get more than a slap on the wrist.

It's all a show that means absolutely nothing. It is just to give people the perception that they actually care and want to do something about it and "get the bad guy" when in fact they helped the bad guy in the first place.

What a joke!

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