Bitcoin's COO Explains What Bitcoin Is

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Bitcoin's COO Explains What Bitcoin Is


Bitcoin's COO Explains What Bitcoin Is

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who is using bitcoin?

It's becoming obvious that bitcoin is getting some more serious criticism, especially since the Mt Gox failure.  I've heard some say that Mt Gox was primarily a Japanese gaming operation and had been in trouble for awhile.    The more serious ramp up in belittling bitcoin would make me think that it has reached some sort of tipping point in adoption.  Do any members have experience with using it other than in a snowglobe?  It's as real as the US dollar in many ways--just lacking the military enforcement side of misusing it.

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Using bitcoin

Hi Aggrivated.


I've used bitcoin to buy stuff at and Tiger Direct. I've donated to charities, magazine subscriptions.

You can buy GYFT cards with it and spend anywhere that accepts GYFT cards including Target and Walmart.

You can buy plane tickets and book hotels rooms around the country.  Tens of thousands of places now accept it strait up.

A lot of Wall Street money is lining up to buy new products coming to market now that the state of New York is forming the regulations for new bitcoin businesses. is lining up to be the new facebook \ twitter of digital currencies and is backed by Mark Andressen who also backed those two companies as a venture capitalist.

Keep track of the latest news on or my favorite-

Good luck.






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