If you want to write articles here, what do you do?

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If you want to write articles here, what do you do?

Hello everyone, I'm brand spanking new and I was interested in contributing an original article or two, but it's not all that clear on how I can do that. A little guidance please?

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Thanks for inquiring about offering written content for PP.com
Glad you found us!  We appreciate your desire to help us in reaching the critical tipping point of awareness we seek by contributing to our site.

We only engage guest writers by unsolicited personal invitation, either from our longstanding membership or those who are notable and/or prominent thinkers in relevant fields. If you are a writer looking for employment or a public venue for your own work, we can't help you with that.  And of course, spam is not tolerated here. 

But if you are interested in engaging with others about the topics that are most of interest to our readership at Peak Prosperity and Resilient Life, we encourage you to actively get to know our community via our forums and our groups features and share your questions and thoughts informally in these venues. Start here.

Please make sure you read our Forum Guidelines and Rules before posting again.  Gain a working familiarity with or genuine questions about the topics we address here.  If you haven't taken the Crash Course yet, please do so.  It forms the basis of our thoughts and discussions here.  Original posts and insights that are in alignment with our site guidelines are welcome, and we hope you'll stick around and join in the ongoing conversation. 


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Keep up the Good Work

Amanda’ words to the new member jogged my thoughts to take a short side trip.  I just re-read the posting guidelines for the first time in a very long time.  Compared to the free for all, wild west, shoot first, aim later, posting that occurs on most of the internet, this set of guidelines seems a little confining at first. Have followed several preparedness and financial blogs for almost seven years now, I have to admit that these rules have created a unique forum run with great civility and wonderful thoughtfulness. The participants here do not descend into personal vendetta and ad hominem attacks.  Language is most often thought out and precise. Opposing views are freely posted without fear of ridicule and retribution. Parties often agree to disagree without having to attack the intelligence, sensibilities or sincerity of the other side.

At the same time there is ample room for humor and light heartedness.  The personalities of the various writers come through and after a time it is as if you are sitting around the kitchen table having serious discussion with good friends.  Good and valuable information is exchanged. Support and encouragement are freely offered.

I applaud Chris and Adam (with great help from Amanda, I am sure) for creating and preserving this forum.  I feel very honored to read and review and sometimes even comment with the rest of you.  You all enrich my life on a continuing basis and give me courage to pursue the future with a sense of purpose and possibility.


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good post shared here.

good post shared here.

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