Shall We Stop the Corporate Takeover of Society?

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Shall We Stop the Corporate Takeover of Society?


Shall We Stop the Corporate Takeover of Society?  We Have the Tool.


Almost universally, Americans and Europeans oppose the concentration of control and wealth in the hands of a few corporate owners.  In the west, the meme of universal human worth and the basic equality of all human beings is soundly established as a given in the group mind.  We do not take well to being dominated by monarchs or playing the role of subservient vassals.


In the developmental stage theory of Spiral Dynamics, western societies are firmly in the Blue, Orange and Green meme developmental levels.  The feudal world of kings and warlords is a primitive Red meme level and is abhorrent to modern westerners.  (Only a few vestiges of Red meme social organizations can be found in the west in street gangs, prison gangs and military boot camps.)  The Red meme structure centers around loyalty to a powerful warlord who dominates and protects from outside threats. The Vikings provide an example.  This organizational structure was the norm, for thousands of years of human history.


Yet the control of society by corporate oligarchs flows from the primitive Red meme developmental level--a small class of “superior” people dominate the lesser “masses,” by making rules for them, enforcing discipline and extracting labor.  This arrangement is abhorrent to almost all westerners at this point in history.


The pivotal event in the Red Meme global domination project was the 9/11 Attack Myth.  Yet many of us have come to view this event as fabricated and staged.  This event is in violation of the most fundamental moral principles and developmental stage of our society, and if understood in its brutal clarity, would cause an immediate, widespread refusal to participate in the social re-engineering we currently are seeing.  The Red Meme structure only makes sense when we believe that we are threatened by a fearsome external enemy.


This provides us with an effective tool to disrupting this reengineering of the world’s social structure.   And that tool is to publicly voice what we have learned about the 9/11-attack deception.  As greater numbers of us are “out” on this topic, the psychological cost of learning about the deception is lessened.    David Ray Griffin, a pre-eminent writer on 9/11, advises that “the official conspiracy theory can easily be shown to be false.”  But I have found that it is just NOT THAT EASY as there are psychological barriers making it difficult for most people to even consider the subject.


The 3 main psychological barriers I am seeing:

1.  The belief that “only a psychotic paranoid wacko crazy delusional conspiracy theorist would even think about this.” (the fear of becoming psychologically ill).

2.  “If I knew about this I might be overwhelmed by fear and paranoia.” (again, the fear of a frightening psychiatric breakdown)

3.   “My friends would view me as ‘crazy’ and avoid me” (the fear of social ostracism from not participating in the consensus view of what is true).


What we can offer the world is the perspective that it is OK, safe and reasonable to look at the 9/11 myth critically.  Once this subject is opened to examination, David Ray Griffin’s conclusion probably becomes correct:  The official conspiracy theory can easily be shown to be false.


We are each Rupert Sheldrake’s “100 moneys.”  As enough of us are open and clear that we know of this deception, the rest of the society has permission to consider the subject.  With the quality of our being, we become like a human welcome-mat laid in front of a doorway.  We may be surprised how many will meander over and consider that which was previously unthinkable.  

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A few comments.

I had not heard of spiral dynamics before but I mostly agree with you on your conclusions.

We stop them by creating something better. But equally important is to face the reality we live in.
2008 was a wakeupcall for me, and I suspect I am not the only one.
I guess you can say "they" made a mistake that way.
Discovering that over 90% of what i have been trained to belive is the reality, is not so, has been enormously liberating (the finace part is actually just a small part of the bigger picture).
I am proud to say I am not a coincidence theorist any more. (I just like that expression)

You mention equality in your first paragraph. I want to say this as I think it is important.
I understand you mean equal worth as no-one is above/below anybody else.
In that sense I can agree but equality is (in my opinion) a very dangerous/easily misunderstood word.
It can be, and is, used to control and to keep people in a hive mindset. How often do we not see/read "we are all created equal". A very, very dangerous half truth. Think of it this way. No man on this earth is created equal. Like there are no 2 like snowflakes there are no 2 like humans. Variety is the natural way.  We are all unique and so is everything else created.

What is destroying this place is the destruction of uniqueness. 
The drive for standardization, monoculture and mechanization for easy manipulation and control is self destructive.
The question is how much will be destroyed before it goes under. 

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An unfriendly corporate takeover is happening everywhere.

I live in Germany and I expierence the corporate takeover of our society every day and everywhere. Our skies are filled with Chemtrails, our food is being genetically reengineered, our laws are remastered pro-globalist, biased corporate media is always reporting sublimely pro New World Order etc. Something very evil in the power center of our society is getting stronger day by day. Thoughtful people do realize that we live in a biased society owned by banksters and corporations running an unfriendly poisonous corporate takeover with lies and deceptions. But when I look around me or take a walk in the city, I just have to notice that most people seem to be only mindless unsuspicious consumers (Sheeple). I would love to see the Hundredth monkey effect taking place against the dark empire but I fear the same behavioural effect could probably enhance the agenda of the corporate empire because the people who run the evil empire studied the psyche of humanity. They are masters of scientific mind control.

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You're a dangerous man

Sand-Puppy. I agree with you.  I have friends who have expressed to me that, sure they don't buy the official spin on 9/11, but they're afraid to look into it. The implication is that by looking into it a person becomes a danger to the system. No one wants to stick their head up too high because there is a general unease in the air.  It's hard to motivate people to show up for a battle when they don't know for sure who the enemy is, but they know that by the time they get there the enemy will know them inside and out.  The NSA revelations of this year have further solidified this unspoken paranoia in a lot of people who would otherwise see through a poorly spun myth.  You don't have to watch everyone as long as everyone thinks they are being watched.  The NSA should thank Snowden for the assist.

2008 was a wake up call for me as well, but I hit snooze as many times as I could because of the physiology of previous investment.  Everything I had worked for (and continue to work for some days) was dependent on the future looking roughly like a rosy reflection of the past.   Sure there will be wars and market bubbles and terrorist attacks, but the system is generally sound and will continue it's trajectory of wholesome growth.  That meant my student loans would "pay for themselves" (many times over I hoped), that I would get a good rate on a mortgage and have the income to repay it and that my grandkids in 40 or 50 more years would have a little money in an account for when they were ready for college. 

Climate change scared me, peak oil opened my eyes, learning how finance works made me rethink my future and Fukashima has made me question if I will even get one.  Realizing that 9/11 was the side show that was supposed to keep me scared of "the others" and focused on other things while the corporate, financial and political leaders silently maneuvered to redirect what is left of a shrinking pie of global prosperity into their own coffers made me mad.

What gives me hope is realizing that all of that is "them".  I don't play in their sandbox more than I have to. I do what I can with what I have starting from where I am.  Most importantly I accept my fate whatever that may be.  I could fall down the stairs and die on the way to the kitchen today, or I could die an old happy man on a farm in another 60 years.  So I talk about these things and think and I think about them, but more as a curiosity than a thing I plan to "fix".  The last days of bread and circuses. I hope I can reach a few people along the way, but I understand why they would want to hit snooze when the alarm says get up. I did that too.  What an interesting time to be alive.

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Human Mind Has an "Off" Circuit Breaker When Current Too High

I went for a walk with my neighbor a couple of weeks ago.  He is an electrical engineer, bright, politically aware and outraged about corruption in the Virginia governor's office.  He is very vocal about that issue.  I thought that he would be a good candidate to learn about 9/11 if he didn't already know.  I tried the 'litmus test' question:

Me:  "Do you know how many buildings collapsed on 9/11?"

Friend:  "Ah??  Two?  I think.  I'm pretty sure it was 2."

Me:  "Actually there were 3.  Most people don't know about the third.  It is never shown on TV and wasn't even mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report."

Friend:  "Was it one of the little ones around the twin towers?"

Me:  "No!   It was a huge skyscraper 47 stories tall.  Bigger than any building in the state of Virginia!"

Friend:  "Really!  How did bin Laden destroy it?"

Me:  "Weeeeell, that is the issue.  Videos of the collapse look a lot like an explosive demolition... (I describe the videos).  Would you like me to send you a link to an 8 second video of its collapse so you could see for yourself what it looks like?"

Long, long pause....  We walk for a ways.  As he arrives back home he resumes speaking.

Friend:  "No.  You'd better not.  I really don't want to know about that kind of thing right now.  I'm just going to go back into my house and work on my kitchen (which he was remodeling)."

So he has not seen the 8 second collapse video of WTC7 to the best of my knowledge.  Perhaps later his loins will be girded sufficiently to revisit the topic.   This is not the first time that a good, intelligent friend or family member has indicated to me that they couldn't handle knowing about this and asked me not to talk about it.

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The 100th monkey

Talking with a friend last night deep in conversation, up came the 100th monkey comment. As I was listening I became distracted by a TV commercial where this IT manager was touting his reputation for not having ever even bought a new stapler for his department. Then these new Microsoft tablets became available. Now this IT manager because of how amazing these things are, can now find no reason why not to purchase one for every individual in his department, so he does. I am willing to bet that we are way past the 100th monkey in society today, yet the effect is largely impotent. I think it important to factor in the age of the other monkeys and what how they are spending their time.

I have come to believe that the force that will tip the scales largely, will be a negative force but that doesn't mean it has to be viewed or remain that way. Human alchemy is in tall order, most baby. The water table of consciousness has risen to such a point that it is gushing from many new springs. The age of traditional guru's is over, not because we don't need help from the outside, but because the transition is happening so fast to so many people that we are all becoming guru like. Now we just have to remember how to gather, and those that do will find a feast waiting. Have you experienced this? I have!


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