Greece is starting to look like Weimar Germany

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Greece is starting to look like Weimar Germany

Greece is starting to look like Weimar Germany

Economic collapse, mass joblessness, uniformed paramilitaries, street violence, political assassinations and, now, a round-up of opposition MPs. Euro-wracked Greece is beginning to feel eerily like Weimar Germany.

The beleaguered Athens government has arrested five deputies and 15 other activists from the fascist party Golden Dawn, including the leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos. The Greek constitution prohibits the outright banning of political parties, but the authorities have got around that by classing Golden Dawn as a criminal organisation and linking it to the murder 11 days ago of a Leftist musician.




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dogs seem to be doing OK in Greece

Interesting article.  But here's what I don't get.  In Athens and Olympia, there were dogs (many of them appearing to be strays) all over the place.  And every one that I saw was well fed (although many were dirty).  In fact, in Athens, I saved a little bit of some excellent lamb from lunch to share with a dog.  I spotted one particular dog lying on the sidewalk who was just barely dosing.  I held it by his nose.  His nose didn't even twitch and he showed no interest in the meat.  And he was well fed ... no ribs showing.  Any dog that I've ever had would've snatched that treat in an instant.  I know things are tough in Greece but how do the dogs manage to stay so well fed?  Anyone have an answer to that mystery?

Maybe DIAP had something there about acting like a dog.  BTW, I miss his posts.

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"He's Gone" by the Grateful dead. "Dogs in a Pile" is a line in the song. I miss "Dogs" as well. i think he got tired of waiting. i find hurrying up to wait the end of it all.  robie

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