Russia, US, agree plan on Syria's chemical weapons

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Russia, US, agree plan on Syria's chemical weapons

I think we should congratulate Washington and Moscow agreeing a deal to eliminate Syria's chemical weapons, US Secretary of State John Kerry said Saturday after talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Yes, it will be an enormous task, and the war in Syria will go on. We should back all efforts to bring to an end this carnage.


Other related news show that Extremists and Al-Qaeda carrying rebel fight in Syria – study -


China chip in as well. They have been quite in the background. China’s foreign minister welcomes Syria deal. China’s foreign minister yesterday welcomed the deal between the United States and Russia to eliminate Syria’s chemical weapons, which headed off the prospect of US strikes against Bashar al-Assad’s regime.


Important news of today is that UN Inspectors Submit Report on Syria Chemical Attack - IBTimes UK: What will it reveal? It could influence the above agreement. Parties in Syria will reject the report, no matter what’s in the report.


Crude oil prices mixed in Asian trade


Oil prices have been in the spotlight as the Syrian chemical weapons crisis became front and center in the media. As the political process has unfolded, price volatility in oil futures in both directions has been extreme. Oil prices have traded in a wide range the past two weeks between $104 – $112 dollars per barrel.



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