New eBook: The Great Reset: And What You Can Do To Prepare For It

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New eBook: The Great Reset: And What You Can Do To Prepare For It

I have put my own viewpoint into words in an eBook regarding the collapse unfolding around us - I would love to get feedback and constructive criticism if anyone would be interested in taking a look.

The eBook is only available on the Amazon Kindle for the time being. The book would be 63 pages if printed in standard paperback format and it is a quick read. 

You can find the eBook at the following links:

The official book description is:

The Great Reset will occur in our lifetime – probably within the next decade.

The Great Reset will be a complete economic collapse; a collapse of our monetary system, our banking system, and our financial system.

This collapse will be rooted in the United States but the effects will be global as all developed economies are now interconnected in many ways. This economic collapse will severely disrupt life in the interim while the old systems are washed away. There is no course of action that could prevent the Great Reset at this juncture in time; that ship has long since sailed.

Mind you, the Great Reset will not be the end of the world. While there will be some major dislocations, there will not be mass destruction and thus the preparations suggested herein are not exotic like those presented on Doomsday Preppers.

The Great Reset will be just that – a reset. It will be the process of creative destruction that will put an end to the corrupt economic/monetary/financial systems that have grown large and snuffed out sound free market principles over the past one hundred years. The reset will occur because the current systems that have come into being are not sustainable; in fact they are destructive by their very nature.

This book is concise, direct, and to the point; you will find no filler inside.

This first part of the book discusses why the Great Reset is a certainty and how it may come about. The case for the Great Reset is laid out through the lens of true free market economic principles rooted in old fashioned common sense. The book traces the origins of the Great Reset back to the end of the 19th century and follows its course all the way up to the present day as poor economics and central planning have led to an explosion of debt, deficit financing, and unfunded liabilities across the board.

The second part of this book examines practical preparations that the average person can make to become more self-sufficient and thus prepared for the Great Reset. The suggestions made are simple, practical, and efficient and the focus is comprehensive – mental, physical, and financial preparation.

The Great Reset: And What You Can Do To Prepare For It is written by Joe Galt who also operates the alternative financial blog by the name of The author concludes the book by discussing his influences and inspirations and he answers the question: Who is Joe Galt?


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What makes you think that the

What makes you think that the system that replaces the failed one will actually benifit the people? I would expect it not to.

nothing will change until hard limits are placed on greed, and i dont imagine all the elite  are planning on giving up their bloated share. They will try to kill us all first. It will be their undoing.

Expect a U.S military coup, and then maybe things will get better. Or much worse..depending on who is running it.

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Replacing the system

I don't know that I expect a better system to replace the current one -- as Socrates said "All I know is that I know nothing".

I do think that the chances of moving to an honest system are increasing as more and more people are starting to see the flaws in the current system and they are searching for answers like those found here at Peak Prosperity.  I am very optimistic from the long term view for this reason.

The elite can only game the system with the majority's blind cooperation; they are not all-powerful.

Ultimately, I don't think that the answer can be found in 'implementing' a better system in the political sense.  I suspect that this is a fool's game in that it is extremely unlikely and even if a benevolent power implements an honest system for the benefit of the people there is no way to prevent a not-so-benevolent power from corrupting that system at some point down the road.  This appears to be the story of how we got into this mess in the first place.

I think that the best chance of getting to an honest system moving forward is from more of a 'bottom-up' laissez-faire apporach whereby a critical mass of individuals educate themselves about what's going on and then make the decision to "be the change" (as opposed to making the decision to turn the T.V. up louder to silence their inner curiousity).  Of course, the "change" part will mean something different to each individual but at least they won't accept the elite's idea of "change" again anytime soon.

Admittedly, there is very little probability of the majority actually going this route, but history shows that you don't need the majority.  You only need a critical mass of 10-20% of the population moving in a certain direction for positive change to take root.  Paretto's Law is the great equalizer.

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