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Area for technology discussions

I cannot seem to find an area here for technology discussions.  There is plenty on personal mitigation (material and financial), but I can find nothing about systemic solutions and/or technology discussions.  Thanks for any help.

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Good topic for a new discussion group

Hi Warrens, and welcome.  

Sounds like that would be a great discussion group that I would be personally interested in. I searched and there are no existing groups discusing this topic that I could find. You can create a new group on that subject and anyone can join the group and post discussions there:

If you decide to create the group, please reply to this post with the group's title so I know to join it. 

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Only slave owning societies

Only slave owning societies are truly free.

Isaac Asimov.

This is why he was such a proponent of Robots. We are making progress. I am astounded how different Asimo is from this keyboard that I am using.


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