Wish List for Off the Cuff interviewees

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Wish List for Off the Cuff interviewees

OK, I'll start.  In no particular order...

1.  Allan Savory, desertification, holisitic land management.

2.  Oliver Kuttner, Edison2, VLC (very light car), restructuring the auto industry, maybe rebalancing causes of trade imbalance?

3.  Amory Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute, author of free (taxpayer funded) ebook, Winning the Oil Engame.


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Adam Taggart
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Good idea, Sam

Sam -

Glad you started this (makes my job of identifying new interviewees easier).

I'll be watching this thread to see whom the PP community would like to hear from most.



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Question Everything

First one that comes to mind for me is George Mobus.


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an interview about renewable energy cooperatives

Dear Adam and all,

I would be very interested to hear an interview with someone who has experience with organizing and operating a successful renewable energy cooperative.  I am currently in the process of joining a local solar power coop in the Chablais region of Switzerland, but I have all sorts of questions, and I'd love to hear from someone with more experience, so I/we can learn more about best practices.

I don't have any one person in mind, but here are some ideas:

Bill Jones - Co Chair of TREC Renewable Electric Coop (Toronto - possibly the largest solar/renewable coop in North America) (or Judy Lipp, the Executive Director, or Kirsten Van Stone, the Education Director)

Philip Wolfe - Chair of board of directors of Westmill Solar Cooperative (UK)  This coop owns the Westmill Solar Park, which they claim is the world's largest cooperatively-run solar farm

Possibly someone from the Burger Energie Berlin project, which aims to buy the Berlin electric grid and power it with renewable energy.  Here's an English article on BurgerEnergie Berlin.  But, this is probably not the best choice for an interview, since the the TREC and Westmill have already realized a lot of success, whereas the BurgerEnergie Berlin project is still in an organizing phase.

As someone who does not yet own property, I am looking for some ways to invest in renewable energy, which is why I'm investing in this local project where I live.  But I have a lot of questions about management, governance the relationship between the coop and the for-profit company that supplies and installs the panels, equipment warrantees and insurance, so if it's possible to find someone to speak on such cooperatives, I'd be grateful.




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Off the Cuff

1) Gail Tverberg

2) Dmitry Orlov

3) James Grant

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Bill McKibben

If u can get him.  Most of the interviewees have a strong angle on energy or economics.  I find the environment is less of a focus on Peak Prosperity, yet it truly is the juggernaut that dwarfs the problems in macro economics.  some of my favourites have been those that provide grass roots views, notably Charles Eisenstien and Rob Hopkins.  Both were fantastic.

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