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News media

Interesting experience this morning.  I was switching back and forth between the new Al Jazeera channel and MSNBC during Morning Joe.  Al Jazeera covered a reported chemical weapon attack by the Syrian gov't near Damascus that killed over 600 people pretty extensively.  I did not hear a mention on Morning Joe, although I admit I didn't listen to every minute.  I suppose its possible that the reports are propaganda, but the videos looked authentic.  Even if that's the case, however, did anyone else hear any reports on American msm?  That seems like the kind of thing that ought to be widely reported.


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Last time it was false.

Probably this time too. Al Jazeera is not more trustworthy than most other media source.

Zerohedge have something in the link below. I did not read all of it, I have pretty much given up reading anything else than headlines now and then. 

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