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In the next few years as events come to a head, will you give them your children?  These fresh, bright faced young bullet catchers will come largely from Xer's brood, with boomers contributing their youngest as well - if it happens, and I believe some version of the same will - what will you do?  Me, frozen in fear - thats my initial reaction.  I just don't know, how do you refuse the gov't?!  How do you hand over the only thing that matters in life?!  Wondering what the gallery thinks. 

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I know my answer.

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XXXXXXX = The new Canada

Insert favored bolt-hole country here  -->   XXXXXXX

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National Service

Currently going through the legislator in the UK (announced stealthily) is a bill to reintroduce compulsory national service. I hope the people of this country grow a back bone in order to oppose this one.

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