Belize community would like to have your opinion on this project. Thank you

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Belize community would like to have your opinion on this project. Thank you

I would appreciate your thoughts concerning a community we have in mind. (See description below)

We are currently thinking about the possibility of building a small off grid self-sufficient community of tightly knit like-minded people in the Cayo district of Belize approximately 20 minutes from San Ignacio or Belmopan.  We are people intending to live in this community full time and currently searching for other compatible like-minded people that would like to participate in such a project with us.  We have started putting down some specifications on what this project might look like.  This community would put emphasis on preparedness, protection, self-sufficiency, culturally compatible and trustworthy like-minded people, common culture of liberty and morality not imposed by anyone but based on voluntary adherence in the values and principles of natural law (The basis of the US constitution and common law), voluntary mutual help and bartering, common purpose and mission based on preparedness, nice self-sufficient off-grid homes with good aesthetics and great functionality, very nice natural mountainous jungle surroundings with river or large creek and pond, farming acreage, hiking trails etc… 

Community members would necessarily have strong beliefs in the common culture and mission, high moral values based on natural law, useful skills and knowledge, minimum acceptable net worth, aware of the grave dangers lying ahead of us caused by the global elite, aware of the need to prepare, good knowledge of preparedness, the will to participate enthusiastically in such a project etc.   Every participant or buyer would have to be approved by management and/or other owners for compatibility with the project’s goals and the whole community.  People in this community would be required to live in the community full time or at least 10 months per year so that the community functions efficiently.       

If necessary, this community would probably be gated, have an automatic entrance gate, equipped with closed circuit cameras and motion detectors, dogs, a neighborhood watch program with hired guards etc…  The project could eventually accommodate up to 100 homes on one to two acres lots.  The project would be located along a river or large creek and have a large section of mountainous jungle terrain with tall trees, hiking trails, pond and other large acreage areas for farming and other common purposes.  This project would be done in phases of approximately 10 homes each.  

Nice looking self-sufficient homes would offer between 1,200 to 3,600 sq. ft. of floor surface and equipped with nice and large burglar proof windows and doors, alarm system, their own hybrid solar energy systems with diesel backup generator, propane kitchen appliances and hot water heater, air conditioning and ceiling fans, well, cistern, access to nearby river or creek,  septic tank with leach field and many other very important features to be discussed later with those who really are serious about preparedness.  Drawings, materials, colors, styles, equipment, contractors etc… will have to be approved by management.  All homes would be encouraged to have the same equipment brands and models for easier maintenance and to help in meeting our goal of self-sufficiency as much as possible.   





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I love Belize...

I have been there several times but not in the past 13 years.  I could imagine that it would make an ideal place for an ex-pat community.  The weather is generally good, the people are wonderful, and English is the Native language.

It sounds like you are planning your community in the Mountain Pine ridge area which I thought was really nice the last time I visited.  Francis Ford Coppola has a famous resort near there called Blancaneaux Lodge.  We did not stay there but did stay at a much cheaper resort down the road called Five Sisters which appears now to be named Gaia River Lodge.  Had an amazing time in a wood hut located in beautiful valley, in a pine tree jungle, with waterfalls on a rolling river.

Good luck and I hope you leave more info once your community gets setup.

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POSSIBLE wealthy acquaintance maybe be interested


He has expressed interest in Belize project of your description and protocols.

It has been quite a while since I have spoken with him, but I should be able to locate him

What phase are you in on the project?



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Belize community

Lybertis, I find this idea intriguing because I would like to have a foothold outside of the US.  While I understand your desire to hold certain strictures, like similar eqiupment for ease of maintenance... for a Libertarian-minded community, there are quite a few rules. 

I was at my mother-in-laws retirement community in NJ a few weeks ago visiting and helping her put a new battery in her car.  I had backed her car into her assigned carport space so that I could jump it later if the need arose.  Later that day an older man was excitedly knocking at the door as we were eating dinner at the apartment to let us know that there had been reports of a car backed into a space, which is against the rules at the complex, and he was giving us a chance to move it before a citation w/fine was written.  Never mind that I would probably have less chance of running over a person with a walker while pulling out forward vs. backing out... apparently a senior citizen had backed up through the wall of the carport, and this somehow necessitated the new stricture.  This is the kind of insansity that happens when a large enough group gets together to try and legislate perfection.   

Too many rules already from what I can tell.. and no option for someone to join and build but remain working (dancing) in the US (or elsewhere) while the music is still playing.  I would have to say no thanks to your community as currently imagined.        

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