Anima Mundi - permaculture, peak oil, climate change and the Gaia theory

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Anima Mundi - permaculture, peak oil, climate change and the Gaia theory

Watch Anima Mundi free for a short time only. Anima Mundi - Permaculture, Peak Oil, Climate Change and the the Gaia theory starring Vandana Shiva Seed, Noam Chomsky, David Holmgren (permaculture), Michael C. Ruppert, Michael Reynolds (earthships), Permablitz, John Seed and more. Please vote for Anima Mundi and share! Culture Unplugged is an online film festival. Click here to 

Anima Mundi is signed with a US distributor who has ripped me off and not paid me a cent from sales, thus I have allowed Culture Unplugged to show Anima Mundi free in the distributors licensed territories.

United Natures is my new documentary and a sequel to Anima Mundi. United Natures trailer: 

Peter Charles Downey

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Thanks for the heads' up chance

Sorry about the rip-off you experienced!

Thanks for the heads' up on the chance to see your work.

We watch M. Ruppert, M. Reynolds (our next life-quest is to build an earthship), and N. Chomsky documentaries and youtube vids all the time... so this looks like a promising movie.  I watched the trailer for your new movie - and it looks good too.

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