Major protests in Brazil hit

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Major protests in Brazil hit

Brazil hit by largest protests yet as hundreds of thousands march (Reuters)

 Brazil's biggest protests in two decades intensified on Thursday despite government concessions meant to quell the demonstrations.


Brazil Protests Return With A Vengeance: Up To A Million Take To The Streets

If the Brazilian government thought that caving yesterday to popular demands against a $0.10 bus and subway fare hike would be enough to placate the millions and see a peaceful dissolution to the protests that had gripped the country in the past two weeks, it found out in less than 24 hours that ceding to the angry mob only emboldens the public to demand more (and with a list a grievances including corruption, violence, police repression and failed politicians the list of demands is sure to escalate). Sure enough, the very next day, the public emerged with newfound energy and momentum, as 300,000 people took to the streets of Rio de Janeiro and hundreds of thousands more flooded other cities in the largest protests yet.

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Is this affecting the markets?

Today I am reading the total number of citizens protesting is 2 million in 80 different cities. All with various concerns related to eduction, corruption, inflation and other complaints. One interesting note here is that there is no central organization or leadership for these riots-they arose spontaneously and vigorously.  Given that Brazil is the up and coming big emerging market, I don't understand why this is kept out of the discussion of the US markets in MSM.

Worth following.  I suspect they have many good reasons for being upset.

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Interesting View Of Protests In Brazil From A Brazilian Observer

Interesting comment on Reddit being passed along from someone who says the mass protests in Brazil originally begun by the left, appears to have been hijacked by the right...

"In 1964, our country has suffered a coup d'état perpetrated by the military and the establishment forces together. In the days preceding the coup, there was uprising and political instability on the country, just as today. There was a big protest, aptly named "Walk of the Family With God For Liberty", which took place a mere two weeks before the coup, and on which about half a million middle and upper class people took the streets to protest against the center-left president João Goulart. What I mean is, we have been there, we know the feeling in the air, and the anger of the middle class against a president who has some pretty left wing policies is boiling and ready to explode.

"From what I've seen, today's protest was very much akin to this 1964's Walk. The MPL's protests have been hijacked by the right, and since the left won't leave the streets to them, conflicts and confrontations are sure to take place. And, what's more dangerous, the police is now ignoring it, waiting for the popular clamor to call them back into action, so they can take over, possibly together with the military. There are rumours of a state of siege being prepared on the government dark corners."

That above seems to corroborate the following:

Backlash Grows Against Brazilian Protests After Violence (June 21, 2013)
"The Free Fare Movement in Sao Paulo, an activist group that was instrumental in the rise of the protests, said it would stop organizing new demonstrations for now after street fights broke out among some protesters with different objectives and political views on Thursday.

"Douglas Belome, a bank teller and member of the Free Fare group, said things turned ugly when some protesters sought to prevent left-wing political parties from waving their flags."


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