Emergency food storage

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Emergency food storage

I saw the link via the website, but curious from personal experience which sites are best to buy emergency dehydrated food etc to have on hand.

If there was a prior discussion, please point me in the right direction. thanks!

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Yes! There Is A Food Storage Wiki And Costco Has Great Prices


I would start with this wiki link on this web site itself: Yes, we have a Food Storage wiki!

That said, I've personally found Costco.com to have consistently the best prices on-line for emergency food. Prices usually include shipping. And suppliers go through an audit process to ensure quality is good, prices are fair, and Costco does not charge more than a 17% markup.

The wiki page links to several other articles/discussions on this site as well, including the following:

Successful Food Storage Day - 9 Families, 4 Tons, 5 Hours - Lessons Learned & Recommendations

1 Month Food Storage Supply


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do i have a problem with box stores.  OBTW my grocery bill is averaging 30$/wk for a family of 4. toiletries and alchohol are the bulk.

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Found this web site couple years ago on food shelf life .

The real interesting part is  the research done on canned food. Since I read this I 've been stocking up more canned foods.  He's Mormon and there's all kinds of interesting subjects, survival, hard time recipes. Gourmet squirrel? Don't laugh I have a recipe book "The Quebec Traditional Cooking Book" Some recipes date back to the 1600 hundreds. I've noticed that the ingredients are very local. There's the surprise recipes.....squirrel, groundhog, porcupine, deer , moose, wild duck , wild rabbit, goose, musk rat, bear, cariboo stews. How about Dandilion wine!!



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