The Japan Implosion is progressing

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The Japan Implosion is progressing

Remember:  Japan was using almost 25% of their tax revenue to service their national debt before this spike started.  They are in a debt trap and the noose is tightening.  Rapidly.

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I wonder when we're going to

I wonder when we're going to see some real changes...I keep seeing stuff about 'economic collapse' and 'collapse of the dollar/pound/yen' but everything just seems to carry on 'as normal'.

I suspect if economies continue to decline the wealthiest will still continue to prosper at the expense of everyone else and most people will just accept their new hardships unaware of whats actually going on, or if they do they'll be powerless to make any fundamental changes to the corrupt power structures. 

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Japan Govt Bond Year to maturity 10 Year Simple Yield



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MMMMmmm ? Alert mode !

Time to shuffle things around again.  The abscess is about to blow.



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