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Hi guys,


I recently posed this same question to Chris Martenson but maybe I should post it on the public forum as well.  It is worth noting that I live in England. 

What sort of options are there for people looking at a (ground-level) career in the precious metals industry?  I'd like to earn money doing something that interests me and that can advance my understanding of the subject (gold, silver etc.).  I have a degree in management and currently work in an auction house as well as an antique and fine arts salesroom owned by the auction house.  Is it possible to switch over or will I need to retrain in an academic sense?

Thank you,


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When you say ground-level, do

When you say ground-level, do you mean working in the field ?

At the minimum, you'd probably need some type of engineering degree.  

I'm sure there are also back office jobs (management, finance, corporate type stuff). For that, you'd probably need to be in an area where a lot of mining companies are headquartered at (Toronot comes to mind).

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