Crazy like a fox or dead on target?

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Crazy like a fox or dead on target?

I have the belief, like many here i would suppose, that we are in for some very hard times. I dont know how it will come about or exactly when, but i feel it coming soon. Its not just Chris's presentation either. That feeling actually brought me here.

I see it in alot of things such as the general cost of food, empty store shelves, the increasing cost of energy. I know that oil companies only care about profit, and i wonder why they even bother with shale gas, tar sands, and biofuels if oil was as abundant as they say. It wouldnt make sense to develop such a painfully low return unless it was absolutely necessary.

I see it in employment, not so much in my province, but most of the other ones, all over the US and Europe is in shambles. There are people in the streets over there every day and no one says a word about it on the news...

I see personal and country debt levels at completely unsustainable levels, and a complete disregard for the environment. I see governments getting more and more authoritarian and less and less "tolerant" of demonstration....even here in Canada. I want to open up a "police state body armor store".

I see the weather changing right in front of my eyes in my own province and i see the arctic melting away at an astonishing rate if the sattelite pictures are correct. 

There are alot of things im begining to see and i dont really like where i see it going.

My question is: Am i crazy like a fox as some of my family and friends would suggest, or is there really something to all of this?

It seems obvious to me but others dont see it.  

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Dead on NL...

Most people are very resistant to taking the red pill.... 

Let's all scratch Bakersfield, CA off the list of places we might want to visit;

Not only did they beat an unarmed man to death.. but then they acted to snuff out all the evidence, treating people as if they had no rights to their incriminating cell phone videos.  

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Right on Target

You've come to the right place to share what you are seeing happening all around you. I was glad to find this site since most people aren't willng to see it. We get so caught up in just coping with day to day life and events seem so much bigger than one person can affect. But denying them doesn't make them go away. I don't profess to know the specifics of what will happen, but I too know change is already happening on many levels of society. I've questioned that at times when things appear on the surface to be going along OK, but then I come here and other sites and am reminded that I'm not alone in my perceptions. We might not all agree on the particulars, but that's OK. It makes for interesting reading!

We all do what we think is best for our individual situation. Good luck to you.

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Please don't say "Taking the red Pill"

Many people would find it antagonistic and would therefore be discouraged from hearing what you have to say.

If you have good ideas you'll want to be civil so people are willing to give you a fair hearing.

Just speak more plainly please. Otherwise don't change a thing.

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