The State of Public Education

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The State of Public Education

There will be all kinds of comments about it proving bad teachers, low standards and lack of accountability.  What will be missing from the conversation will be what it says about how little we view/value/vote/invest in public education and how apathy just keeps starving the system and leaves it with teachers who are burned out, don't care, not trained,have no resources to offer the kids and students who are begging to learn something.

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People are waking up.

You are correct livsez. Blaming the teachers for our educational woes is the equivalent of blaming the poor for the impending financial crisis.

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I have looked at this in some depth and it seems like we no longer teach the right things. The result is an entire generation of people who do not understand what America is supposed to be about, how we got to be a great country (back when we were a great country), and the ideals set forth in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We now longer teach truth, hard work, self reliance, liberty, free markets (reasonably free), sound money, and many other things.

Schools have become politically correct to the absurd. Liberalism and socialism have been programmed into our youth and they vote like that and act like that. You realize that if we had followed the founding documents (which are supposed to be the rule of law) then we would not be in the bad place we are in now ? We would be an amazing country, the envy of the world - rich, stable, and honest. In very short order we moved from the dominate country in the world to the largest debtor in the world. Socialism and crazy wars are taking us down. Nixon took us off the gold standard and we became a welfare/warfare nation. Special interests run our government. And, since the education system failed to teach the right things, we keep voting useless politicians into office while they distroy our lives. It is a disaster and the day of reckoning is coming. No welfare/warfare state with fiat money has ever stood for long. We are following the exact same path to social and national failure as all the ones who came before us. It does not make any difference how much money you spend on education if you teach the people the wrong things.


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The education system needs

The education system needs the modification and updatement but nobody seems to be interested in doing it.

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I taught for about 40 years and I never had a scene like this in my class.  I was always pretty good with the smart kids who wanted to learn, and could have turned his angst into something more entertaining and productive.  I have walked into some classrooms like that, and have always found it very strange to see the teacher at the computer and the kids very, very quiet.

Of course it was my job to teach the students how to understand, speak, read, and write English.  I was always either teaching the whole class or working with a smaller group or individual.   We never had a quiet classroom, and for the most part the students from all over the world liked each other and enjoyed being there.  It went to the extreme of  kids intentionally failing their exit tests so they could stay in my class.

When No Child Left Behind found us there were lots of changes.  Some were good--we got better classrooms and had a voice in the school, which we had not had before. But then there were lots of negatives in my opinion.  Teachers, administrators, even state legislators were told what to do, what to say, and what to teach, since we received federal funding.  Test scores became all important, and ruled over common sense.  Kids who had gradualted out of the program years ago were put back in because they had failed tests at their grade level----they didn't need me or my class and enjoyed bullying the new kids who made them feel smart.  

Then there was the paperwork.  I didn't spend my class time in front of the computer, but I didn't go home when the bell rang either.  As a rule, I put in at least two hours a day after school in order to keep up with regulations, paperwork, required detailed lesson plans, and other documentation.  The  creative energy I used to put into my lessons went into all of that.

It seems to me that the new rules are targeted to the average.  The substandard teachers had to shape up, and they were told exactly what to do.  The best teachers had to lower themselves to the average and do what they were told to do.  In my field, there were a lot of untrained unprofessional teachers with shabby credentials who needed to be held to a higher standard.  Then a few of us dinosaurs, who were highly trained and had years of experience, were told to toe a line and keep our mouths shut.

When I retired, I hoped that a good new teacher would take my place,  Instead, a Spanish teacher was given that position so she wouldn't have to lose her job.



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We're getting really close to a discussion on public unions......and my other favorite, political correctness.  Throw in teach-to-the-test/no child left behind, helicoptor parenting, everybody gets a trophy, and graduates that can't read and write so good........I think I'll sit this one out.  

See if you can guess what I'm thinking.......

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