Derrick Jensen's View of Environmental Degradation

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Derrick Jensen's View of Environmental Degradation

Nervous Nelly (Sonya) posted a link to this lecture by Derrick Jensen several days ago.  (He is the author of the book Endgame.)  I was absolutely fascinated by his understanding of the exploitation of the environment "to make money" and his responses to the processes he sees.  


He has asked the question of audiences a thousand times:

"Is there anyone here who thinks that they are going to voluntarily stop plundering and destroying the enviroment?"

No one has ever answered yes to this question. 


Understanding that this is how things are, puts our efforts to defend out land and water in a very different light.

Derrick has a particularly humerous parody of the Star Wars movie where instead of Luke destroying the Death Star with a bomb, environmentalist stage a non-violent protest to slow the destructive rampage of the Death Star through the galaxy.  He points out the futility and foolishness of this *type* of resistance to this particular type of threat.  His observations are very penetrating.  Some will come to other conclusion.  But he articulates the problems brilliantly and made me laugh.

I really enjoyed his lecture and would strongly recommend it to those concerned with the distruction of our land and water by the combination of heartless greed with  unrestrained political/economic power.

Very fascinating and well done.  And thanks for posting this Nervous Nelly.  :-)

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I watched the lectures also Sandpuppy

Very worthwhile... very thought provoking.  I was intrigued with his discussion of the tribal culture that lasted in one place for (if I remember correctly) at least 12.5K years... in a stable homeostatis with the environment.. eating salmon from a river... but not outgrowing the available resources.    

The pro-growth narrative is going to be the end of us.   

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DJ has always been

thought provoking, and he has a good sense of humor.

Thanks for bringing this forward!  I didn't see it the first time, but have seen Derek many other times, and he always "makes sense".  

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Thanks for the Derrick Jensen link

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This vid goes well

with Derricks'

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