our most recent mainstream media failures

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our most recent mainstream media failures

This morning my husband left up a story on the run on gold bullion vaults on ZH. Look at that chart: my God. Why is none of the mainstream press covering this?

Yesterday Ireland got Cyprused: two of their main banks failed, and the depositors get nothing, not even the "guaranteed" amount of Euro insurance. But the mainstream media was forking CLUELESS. Today, the mainstream media is concentrated on stories like the (top story) Boston Marathon Bomber being moved to  prison from a hospital. ABC news also had a feature story on  Twinkies' return, a best man who stabbed a bride, a woman who cut off a guy's penis, "Kate Middleton's Magical Day Out," and National Pretzel Day. Their World and Money sections were not exactly clueless, but pretty much useless as to alerting you to the financial threats of things like Ireland's pensioners and businesses being ripped off by an insolvent bank or two. This happened in a first world, northern European nation and no one is saying anything?

CBS News was at least a little less like the National Enquirer. Their top story was the same, but "GOP Slamming Obamacare" (this is news?) and items about North & South Korea and Syria, tax on internet purchases coming, were all you got. That and a little sanity about the senate ending Air Traffic Controller furloughs due to the sequester. CBS's Moneywatch section had nothing much except earnings reports for various companies, which majors and colleges are best, and a story about a minimum wage hike – all America centered. CBS's "World" section was not any better – it was all about "will we have a war in Syria?," with sprinklings of calamities like fires, building collapses and international wars in cyberspace. There is a terrorism plot uncovered in the UK and threats from North Korea, and Neanderthal stories like the band Pussy Riot's problems in Russia. But global economic collapse, or the possible collapse of the dollar? Peak Oil? Not even on their radar.

NBC news also featured the Tsarnev bomber kid going from prison to jail, and I found their next story in line to be at least important: Syria. But after that you are told that Martha Stewart nearly signed up for Match.com and a story about making newly-legal pot "safe." At least their "World" section had this story, buried though it was: "A Sign of the Greek Economy" highlighting empty billboards in Athens, but it makes the global economic mess look distant. Their financial folks at MSNBC were no better.

Bloomberg at least is tracking the fall through various markers, and has a sustainability section. But…Ireland getting Cyprused? A run on the bullion vaults? How to survive when the muppets realize they've been had? The lamestream media is turning even the news into bread and circuses.

Excuse me while I go out and plant my new perrenial oregano and tarragon and water my garden. Then I'll grind some flour instead of gnashing my teeth. Then I am going over my neighbor's house and trading some fig/wanut/lemon jam for some honey from their apiary and come home and plant more cucumbers and beets. I plan on having a reality-based day. That means. . . no more mainstream media for me. </rant>

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You're gonna love this one, Wendy

I don't want to ruin your day, so maybe you should read this tomorrow (and ruin tomorrow!).  Remember the Saudi citizen at a Boston hospital who was a suspect in the Marathon bombing, then just a person of interest, then neither, then being deported on national security grounds?  What happened to him?  But for the purposes of this post, What happened to MSM reporting about him?  Right down "the memory hole."


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