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Well water filtration


Hi, I am new to this group and have probably a silly question, but I could use some good advice on this. I had purchased a new sand filter system and pump for an in ground pool, planning to restore it. However, the project ended up being more than I could handle due to a disabling situation that occurred after beginning it. The pool has since been filled in, so I now have this new filter system with no purpose.
I would like to convert it into a filter system for my homes well water supply but I'm not sure if that is doable or beneficial. I have some iron in the water, toilets turn orange not long after cleaning, some sediment gets into the the water, event with a small filter I install, can't seem to keep the filters changed out fast enough. Another issue is with heavy rain, the water gets extremely cloudy and brownish at times.
I am hoping to be able to use the pool sand filter to help resolve some of these issues, but I have no clue how to even attempt to do this or if it is even possible.
Any feedback and help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your time!
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lots of water resources here

Hi Tbone,

Welcome. Sorry about your recent disabling situation. First of all, here is a thread on water filtration. It does not answer your question, but might be useful. Also, check out the "Water" section of the What Should I Do? Guide. What follows are my experience and personal thoughts.

I used to live in an area that had well water that rust-stained everything, and in Lindenhurst, NY, at least, this was due to the presence of iron-fixing bacteria. The overriding concern with well water is whether or not is is potable (safe to drink) and the presence of any kind of bacteria means there may be other microorganisms. There are all sorts of really nasty disease microorganisms that can lurk in untreated water. A pool filtration system might not get them all out. So before you even think about using any sort of filter, you need to have your water tested by a lab. We did.

Another thing to find out is whether or not it's even legal in your jusidiction to use the well water - with or without a permit. Where I live now (SC midlands) there are two types of well-drilling permits: potable and nonpotable. The potable water permit required us to drill into rock, and was therefore over twice as expensive for both the permit AND the drilling. We simply did not have the money to drill that deeply. We have a sand well, where we hit water at 20 feet down, but the driller took it all the way down to the edge of bedrock at over 60-ft. It pumps 22 gallons per minute and we use it to water our garden and wash our car, things like that.

Even though it's not technically a drinking water well, we wanted to know just how safe it was. It's fine. But while the water tested potable, in our juriusction it's illegal to hook our house up to a sand well supply, filter or no.

But we sure intend to use our well as an emergency supply. To clarify it we have a drinking water home filter system, and three grains of pool shock (a very volitale chemical - we store it carefully) per gallon will make our microorganism-free. Should the SHTF we might use a whole-house filter. My husband is in charge of this and says they are pretty easy to build. He got his info here.

I suppose that--in an emergency--if you use the pool filter as a pre-filter to clarify the well water and boil any drinking water it would be be potable, but that assumes you have electricity.

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Thanks for the Reply


  I appreciate the information, where I live, well water is our only source for water at all. There are no city utilities, except electric, that make it this far out. The well has been in use for over 30 years without any main issues, only the past few years have I had problems with discoloration, which began with the building of a house across the way from me. When they dug their well, my problems began.


 The water is safe to drink and is clear most of the time, heavy rainfall can effect it however. I will check into the link you recommended and see what I can gather. My big thing is I have this new filter system and feel I need to use it somewhere and a thought came that it may help with my well water situation. I just hate to lose the money on that system, I bought it a few years ago, even though it has never been used or hooked up, I'm stuck with it, no returning it sad.


 Again, thank you kindly to your reply and input.

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