Unread responses?

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Unread responses?

When viewing the forums each topic lists # of "new responses" since you last read that thread.  At some point several months ago, this functionality stopped working correctly.  Now when you completely read a thread, it still lists "X new responses" for a while.  This does seem to correct itself in a few hours but it used to be instantaneous.   I was wondering what happened and if this was intentional?

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Similar item

When I get a long list of unread items in PeakProsperity forums with the "new and updated" tab, I would read a few and then use the refresh button on my browser to shorten the list.  A few weeks ago this clearing of the read items became intermitent.  As I recall it doesn't refresh at all in ResilientLife until I close and start a new session.


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We updated this functionality

We updated this functionality about a month ago to be cached for greater periods of time (it's in the order of minutes, not hours).  This allows us to serve content more quickly from memory rather than continuous (process-intensive) queries to the database.  The end result is a faster experience for all users.

We will most likely continue to adjust and tune the cache settings in the coming weeks and months, but you should expect some items may have a delay before the listed figures are updated.

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