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Preppers in the News

Here is our first article.

Father sobs on 911 after kids buried in collapse

In a nutshell, the man was building a bunker, did not slope or bench the 34-ft deep excavation, and two children were not kept out of the excavation, and the kids died in a trench collapse. I'd heard about the kids getting killed but not that the guy who was doing the excation was a prepper. This article was brought to my attention with the following comment:

::sigh:: So basically this guy was busy building "some kind of bunker", gung-ho to protect himself from indistinct threats in the future, while not doing squat-all to take reasonable care of THE PRESENT. Yeah, this sums up my thoughts about preppers in one horrible tragedy.

You might call that an image problem, an image that the show Doomsday Preppers is doing "squat-all" to help.

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I agree. Those preppers are stupid. Do the opposite.
Biology is pretty clear on what happens to people who fall below the median during periods of resource scarcity.

Meanwhile, famine killed how many people that day?

*eye roll*


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