The site has Market Forums, How about Energy (and Environment) Forums

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The site has Market Forums, How about Energy (and Environment) Forums

Is there a way to design-in resource lists of websites that aggregate sources of information about alternative energy strategies?  Can there be an option to sort them by geographic location?

For example, in the Famington Valley we have an organization called PACE that encourages the use of genuinely clean energy by home owners by organizing house tours, providing information resources, lists of installers, "news flashes," etc.  I would love to share this site and its hosting organization with PeakProsperity readers as a possible model for "how to do it", and to let local folks know what is available.

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possible forum

Hi MustardSeed, You might want to contribute to these threads.  Alternative energy is a topic that really isn't covered well in a specific location, but these are starts:


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Here’s what you need


The new ResilientLife portion of this site has a different structure that meets your needs.  Content is organized by “Groups” which can be set up by location or interest (topic).

Lo and behold, there is already a Group for alternative energy with several discussions (threads).

You can start discussions within that Group.  Note the document tab feature too for reference use.


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