why we are doomed

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why we are doomed
There is an epidemic sweeping this country of a disease known as A.S.S.  Otherwise, known as Acute Stupidity Syndrome, this disease appears to affect the young, the middle aged, and the elderly equally and seems to be distributed through almost every demographic.  It is bought on by watching too much TV, reading too little, believing the mainstream media, relying solely on public education for one's education, consuming a host of chemicals (including fluorides, aspartame, statins, etc.), and other as yet undiscovered epidemiological factors.  
Here are three examples I spotted, just today, of this serious and spreading affliction.
Number #1
This is an article stating that low back pain in men can be drastically decreased by wearing Merino wool underwear as compared to cotton underwear.  Apparently, after two months, those who used wool underwear had 89% less back pain and needed fewer pain meds than those who wore cotton.  My guess would be that their testicles were itching so much that they forgot all about the back pain.The study comes out of Turkey.  Now guess what country has about 1 million Merino sheep?
Number #2
This is the Big John Heimlich Helper, a $49.95 tool designed to self administer the Heimlich maneuver.  Apparently, there's some huge advantage of this tool over simply using your own fist and the your other hand on top of it.  And for only $50, why take chances?
This is Jim Kimmel's show asking a sampling of people what they think about "Obama pardoning the sequester and sending it to Portugal."  At least the last person was honest.  Watch and be amazed.
And we expect them to figure out the 3Es?  God help us!
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The comments are far worse than the interviews

I just watched the Jim Kimmel video about the sequester question and while the interviewees did not fare well under the manipulative questioning, the comments about it showed far worse degrees of ignorance.

Yup, God help us!

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Kimmel Video

Like the disturbing; can you guess the price of an ounce of gold? thing posted a while back, I suppose this stuff serves to help certain types of people feel superior to others. Yuck.

And I agree with Yoxa that it is level of ignorance expressed in the comments about the video that is the greater  cause for concern here.



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Well, I guess the

Well, I guess the tongue-in-cheek aspect of this post was totally missed.  And I'm left wondering why one would even bother looking at the comments section on a Jimmy Kimmel video, much less look for any degree of propriety or erudition there.  Shoulda posted it in the humor section.  Sorry.


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Stupid is as stupid does

For an awful lot of people, you know, life IS like a box of chocolates....

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We are doomed

A tad judgemental from my part , but in my book  it's called laziness.  Lack of interest beyond their navel that creates ignorance.

I have no other words for that.


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On the other hand....

On the other hand, I choose to maintain a little bit of hope.  You know why?  All these people are Kalifornians.  Maybe it's not so bad in the rest of the country....  cheeky

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the history of political correctness

This video has been posted here in the past but given that PC may be viewed by some alternative thinking sociological epidemiologists as a sequelae of ASS, here goes again.


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On the other hand....

Sorry to be the one to inform you, but the rest of the country is the same. :-(

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