Proof the Fed is Juicing the Markets

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Proof the Fed is Juicing the Markets

First article I've seen in the main stream that shows they're starting to notice what's happening. Unfortunatly I doubt you'll see this on the big three.

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Remarkable Chart?

How long did you think it took him to overlay those two graphs?

”Against this backdrop, I am not surprised by the reaction of businesses. Operating in a highly uncertain environment, it is eminently sensible for them to defensively use their newly strengthened balance sheets to buy back shares and pay out dividends or employ them offensively in ways—say, in making acquisitions—that often lead to employee rationalization, not payroll expansion for U.S. workers. This is how businesses really think; this is the way people really are.”

Funny, they left out the obligatory "give themselves bonuses."smiley
The article is somewhat remarkable though.
Thank You
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interesting article

And equipping the Utah Data Center, FEMA camps, "emergency services/emergency response" personnel, VIPER teams, ICE checkpoints, etc. as well as buying 1.6 billion rounds of ammo, 7000 personal defense weapons, 2717 armored vehicles, 30,000 drones, advanced crowd control weaponry, etc., can certainly do wonders for the economy. 

I've just assumed that the government or its proxies have been buying the major stock indices through the Exchange Stabilization Fund.

Like everyone else, I wonder how long they can keep it all afloat.  Let's start a PP pool.  I vote for 2015 as a major SHTF year.   

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