Silver Dollar for a Dollar

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Silver Dollar for a Dollar

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Same guy that was asking people if they could guess the gold price is trying to sell a silver dollar for a dollar. I know some people took offense to the last video, saying that we were feeling a little too smart and arrogant, but I look at the video a different way. It's not about the fact that most people have no idea about monetary policy, the fed, how money is created, or the history of gold and silver. For me the video shows an undervalued asset that is still not even on their radar screen. On the other hand I wonder how many people would be clamoring to buy a box of 20 rounds of .223 for a dollar. Either way interesting and entertaining just to get a feel for what people think about silver.  

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No offense here!

Amazing! But I'm not surprised. I'll take as much of the one dollar silver and .223 action as I can get. cool The .223 may be a better investment.

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Mark Dice

I've seen a few other of this guys YouTube videos. Pretty scary how ignorant the average person on the street is about almost everything.

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