2013 - Lots of crazy stuff going on...

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2013 - Lots of crazy stuff going on...

There are lots of crazy things going on in the USA and the world.  Central banks are manipulating the markets.  Governments are manipulating the markets.  The US government continues to massively over spend.  It is an out of control spending spree with huge borrowing to fund it.  Nothing good is going to come from that.  The three E's are interesting but it sure looks to me like the big E right now is the economy.  We live in the middle of nowhere and there is a farm across the street.  The owners decided to sell and we spoke with them a few days ago and they said so far there have been two police and three preppers inquire about the place.  I guess that means people who know what is coming are taking action - farm land.  We have been buying some silver.


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