Where to live in the United States?

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Where to live in the United States?

This is a question I continue to ask myself as a resident of an over-reaching, over-taxing & over-regulating state (Maryland).  For me, as independant thinking individual who values family, freedom & liberty above all, I find a vast majority of the population & its "leaders" above the mason-dixon line nauseating & economically inept.  Like most on this site, I feel as though the writing is on the wall and the last thing I'd want is to paint myself and family in a corner where we have zero options.  Ideally I'd love to sell the house, pack up our stuff and move to a place where the ideas learned on this website & forum can be best practiced.  Obviously life is not that simple and complexities such as money, work, property, etc. come into play.  Having said that, my wife and I are doing everything we can to deleverage from debt & save as much money as possible via precious metals & other tangible investments.  If we were to sell our home I'd be debt free and have liquid assets of around $75k.  She would still have $50k of student loans and $150k mortgage on her rental property.  She has her masters degree in Speech Therapy and could work pretty much anywhere.  I have a 5% ownership stake in a 30+ person business that averages $4.5 million a year in sales with the majority partners having no plans to sell in the next 5 years.  The idea of leaving doesn't scare me, nor does taking a job with a 50% paycut.  I've been there before, started a sales territory from nothing and built it to a million dollar + territory from sheer work and grit.

I'm not leaving the country, this is where I'm from and where my family and relatives live.  So, the question is where to?  Where can I take my family in the United States that will allow us to live a sustainable lifestyle without the worry of our freedoms being fully eroded and the government interefering with us.

any and all suggestions welcome.

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Moved to Relocation USA Group

jcat -

I've moved your post into the Relocation USA Group:


It's a good question and one that several past forum threads have tried to tackle. Since we now have Groups in place, that's the best vehicle to use for the next round of this discusion (and it will make it easier for people asking the same question in the future to find what we responded with today)

I've closed this forum thread to comments so that they can be made in the Relocation USA Group.

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