Rare Aldous Huxley Interview from 1958

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Rare Aldous Huxley Interview from 1958

An interview with Aldous Huxley (Brave New World) discussing the threats to our freedoms in America.  I find it interesting that Mike Wallace is smoking a cigarette in the studio in the opening credits. Lots to absorb here and digest.

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For more depth


Thanks for the video.  The essays mentioned in the introduction were published as a non-fiction book Brave New World Revisited.  I read it a few years later and it had a considerable impact on my thinking and observations since.  It was truly prophetic.  I highly recommend it.

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Thanks Jason and Travlin,

Really interesting interview and the book has been ordered. One comment that resonated with me was that the constitution is a device to limit government. Never thought of the constitution from that perspective. Will have to listen again and pick up a few more nugget that I might have missed. Good find Jason!

AK Granny

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