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Interview suggestion

Hi Chris, Adam and the PP team, love your work.  Have you ever considered an interview with Chris and Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone?  I know that Chris and many others here are aware of his work. I think it would be very interesting to hear a discussion of the current state of affairs, where we are in the story and the implications of the political/financial establishments' actions/inaction. 


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Matt Taibbi

I have reached out to Matt no less than a dozen times over the past 2 years, with no response. The closest I got was speaking with someone who claimed to be his admin assistant, who promised she would ask him personally about it. Never heard back from her and since found she's no longer at RS.

I agree Matt would be a fantastic interview. If anyone knows of a way I can get on his radar, I'll follow up immediately.

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John Lemieux
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Matt Taibbi

I second your suggestion tonepoem. 

And so I agree that it would be very interesting to hear an interview between Chris and Matt T.  J.

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