Global strategic trends out to 2040

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An excellent study with many good points
British Ministry of Defence wrote:

  The era out to 2040 will be a time of transition; this is likely to be characterised by instability, both in the relations between states, and in the relations between groups within states. During this timeframe the world is likely to face the reality of a changing climate, rapid population growth, resource scarcity, resurgence in ideology, and shifts in global power from West to East. No state, group or individual can meet these challenges in isolation, only collective responses will be sufficient. Hence, the struggle to establish an effective system of global governance, capable of responding to these challenges, will be a central theme of the era.

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Gee.  I expect to hear about the New World Order from those conspiracy theory people.  But from the very proper British Ministry of Defence?  WHAT is the world coming too?  cool

It looks like more of us need to be listening to your message Ao.


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