Short Interview with Flemish Woman Living in Greece

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Short Interview with Flemish Woman Living in Greece

Today there was a short segment on Flemish public radio about a Flemish woman who has been living in Greece for about 15+ years. She is divorced and has 3 children and recently lost her job. With goverment child support and unemployment benefits she will now receive around 500 euro per month for 12 months after which she will no longer receive any unemployment benefits. Right now she has 200+ euro child support per month but there are currently discussions in parliament to eliminate/reduce child support which would mean that she would only get 75-80 euro per month in total with three children.

The electricity bill will be increased by 40%. She and her friends were of the opinion that they had not seen the worst yet and that the situation in Greece is going to get worse. She expected that in january/february of 2013 a great number of people would no longer be able to pay their electricity bill.

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