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Water filters UK

I realise there is a water thread somewhere on here already as I've found it before, just 1. I cant find it now and 2. I would specifically like any ideas/suggestions of filters and UK suppliers if I'm not already on the right track.


I've been looking at water filters for a while but never actually managing to get anywhere or make a desicion on which one is best for us. Money has also been pretty tight.

I think we are going to go with the gravity filter type  as it will work around a more diverse set of situations than one that fits on the plumbing etc. It wont matter if we have no running water as long as we can find some sort of water. I assume from what I have read the gravity style filters are suitable for that? Only downside is the candles seem more expensive for this type of filter and its less convenient to use.

We will be running our tap water through it primarily on a day to day basis, then whatever water we could get would be used in an emergency only situation. How would this impact the length of time the candles last? it says they last between 6-12 months on most models, so would this be the case whatever water you filtered? or would they last longer if you were only filtering tap water?

Anyway from having a look online  it doesn't look like from their descriptions there is alot of difference between the filters, please correct me on this if I'm wrong. I was leaning more towards this one  
http://www.greenshop.co.uk/doulton-british-berkefeld-gravity-filter-5302.html?osCsid=e13bdd8cb2df784cb0e155aff0b9d3a5 as its one of the cheaper models. Does this seem like a good buy or would anyone recommend a different one? if so why?

Thank you :)

I think I shall post this on the forum as well as this group seems a little quiet at the moment so appologies to anyone who ends up reading it twice.

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