Dr. Paul's farewell speech

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Dr. Paul's farewell speech

Video and text here.


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Very sad america went another

Very sad america went another direction.....AGAIN 

Great Speech.  Thank you for posting 

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He is one of the few who gets it

A huge loss. I can't think of any other elected politician who understands our predicament.

Does anyone know of others like Paul? Perhaps there are some, but they are not willing to discuss it publicly.

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Great speech. Great questions he poses as well.

It's not all about becoming President. Dr Paul will have a lasting influence on the army of influencers who follow in his footsteps.

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Of Course

Of course I like him. Voted for him in 2008 and 2012.


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Ron Paul in Goldmoney Podcast


Ron Paul on sound money prospects in the USA


Episode 71: Following his “Farewell to Congress” speech last week, Congressman Ron Paul talks to GoldMoney’s Andy Duncan about the achievements and legacy of his recent presidential campaign – particularly in the context of monetary policy. They discuss the recent re-publication of his book The Case for Gold and his forthcoming chairmanship of the Campaign for Liberty. Paul also talks about the likelihood of America returning to some form of gold standard in the years ahead and the prospects for private currency issuance; what the next four years under President Obama are likely to hold; and the shale oil revolution.

This podcast was recorded on 19 November 2012.


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