7percent solution

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7percent solution

 Could have Chris Martenson been in his classroom?

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Re: 7percent solution

Great video... but DANG IT!  I thought someone had come up with MY 7% solution.  My favorite winter beer is Snowcap. which is coincidently, 7% alcohol, hence, my 7% solution.  I admit, some problems require several applications of my 7% solution but it almost always works.  I highly recommend it

sigh, back to work and reality.


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Re: 7percent solution


This is a stunning lecture!! Since finding it I've recommended it to thousands of people all around the globe. I also obsessively put it on in the background while I'm working, at least once a month, just so I can maintain the freshness of his approach to memory. This was indeed the very beginings to my understanding of peak oil before I found sites such as :-

The Oil Drum


...and read Richard Heinberg's - 'The Party's Over'


...or James Howard Kunstler - 'The Long Emergency'.


Dr Martenson holds great respect for Dr Albert A Bartlett. He produced 'this' thread back in December when he gained a reply to a letter of appreciation that he sent :-

Albert Bartlett on Growth


...I've also created my own thread with the film as the heading here a little while ago :-

The Most IMPORTANT Video You'll Ever See


...but as you and I are aware, the more threads that are created and as this site grows, the more there is a chance that the information that is a requirement becomes lost under the weight of other threads. I'd dearly love this thread to also grow its own debate and strike a cord with other new members or, at least the 90% of people that choose to read the threads rather than post a comment. This is of such importance, I believe it should be viewed alongside the 'Crash Course' as a companion...



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Re: 7percent solution
investorzzo wrote:

 Could have Chris Martenson been in his classroom?


A transcription of this lecture is here so I think the answer is: yes.

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Re: 7percent solution

I may use some of these ideas as part of my lectures for my AP Calculus classes at the high school where I teach mathematics.


I think that I will have my students derive ( ie prove) the formula for doubling time given a population growth rate and see how the discussion evolves on whether students think the earth can support a population of 12-13 billion.


There are many other ideas for application of the mathematics of exponential growth that may bring this calculus to real life situations for  my students.




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