Massive Explosive Potential in Louisiana and Gulf of Mexico.

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Massive Explosive Potential in Louisiana and Gulf of Mexico.

I've been following the story regarding the Louisianna Sinkhole in Bayou Corne for some time now.

It's gotten worse: the sinkhole is now the size of six football fields. Here's the background from the Deep South Group archives here on PeakProsperity.

For those of you who are unaware: There is a massive sinkhole in Louisiana that we've been monitoring. It's in the top of a salt dome, and it's very near to another salt dome being used to store a great deal of butane. Here are the articles regarding it, in chronological order.

August 12: This is a developing story - those of you in Louisiana please take note.
I do not always agree with Dutchsince, but this sounds like a situation to monitor.This article explains what a salt dome is, so it's important for background.

August 20: joehill1915

September 21 2012

This blogger may be full of it., but he thinks that there's potential for an even worse disaster. If he's wrong, that would be nice.

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Other links....

It's a little surreal to watch unfold.  It does seem like a disaster in the making but its hard to separate the fact from the hype.  I first heard about it on the Dutchsinse website... its one of the most "out there" sites I visit but has interesting bits and good reporting on earthquakes.  Link here...

He's kept up to date with videos of flyovers to see how its changing with time as well as information on the progress of the test bores.

One more data point to watch across the globe.


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Fracking watewater

MIT Technology Review: "At the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco last week, scientists presented the latest evidence tying the disposal of wastewater from shale gas hydrofracking to increased earthquakes."

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