Crowdsource Chris Martenson's Prediction Accuracy

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Crowdsource Chris Martenson's Prediction Accuracy


I thought it would be very helpful to understand what Chris or anyone else's predictions have looked like in the past to have a better understanding on how to use their evaluations in our investing lives.

It's so easy to focus on predictions that worked and ignore those that don't and vice versa depending on your stance.  Investing is a big deal to me and I would like this to be more objective, would you like to help?


- To help us understand his prediction accuracy so that we can weigh his opinions

- To help Chris understand where he can improve on his predictions and learn from past experiences



- Any predictions that Chris has made enter them here with date

- After it's pretty complete I'll format so we can see his predictions over a graph.  Such as what I did for Marc Faber on the second tab of that spreadsheet, attached is a screenshot of it.
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