Gold about to enter mania phase?

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Gold about to enter mania phase?

This Grant Williams video begins with a tutorial on bubbles including, most recently, the gov't bond bubble, which he says is at its peak and about to plummet into the "blow-off" phase, and gold, which he says is in the sweet spot, about to enter the mania phase. His rationale seems plausible, but I'm not as sophisticated as others on this site. I'd like to see a discussion.

I don't know how to embed the vid, but here's the link:


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Gold Has Been Tradeable For Months

Gold moved up ~$90 in september with a corresponding $8 move in GLD.

In the past two weeks, gold has moved down ~$55 with a corresponding $6 move in GLD.

GLD is optionable.

I could care less what phase gold is about to enter.  I am very interested in what it IS doing.

Hint:  It's moving.  That's all you need.......

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Gold about to enter mania phase?

I own some physical gold.

Here is my question. I purchased as a form of money (if needed) but also as a form of protection from fiat money. If it raises in price (in Fiat dollars) and you sell it for Fiat dollars, how are you better off than just keeping the gold?

Of course if you feel dollars, or what ever currency, is OK and the price goes up, then gold was just a good investment. I guess you have to decide what the reasons are that you bought it and then are those reasons applicable at sale time.

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