Adam & Chris Nearly Eaten By Zombies

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Adam Taggart
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Adam & Chris Nearly Eaten By Zombies

Chris and I had a close call yesterday; finding ourselves caught in the midst of a zombie invasion of downtown London.

Luckily, we made it out with our brains (mostly) intact:

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Brains, brains and more brains....

You two should be worried, with all that brain power, you are prime targets for zombies... laugh

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Great stuff.

Hilarious, good to see your enjoying the locals, nice one guys! cool

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Zombie Farming

Beware Chris and Adam,

you are just across the sea from Ireland, where we've had possibily the baddest bank failure per capita in

the world ( Anglo Irish Bank)  We are still feeding it's zombie and others to beat the band!

Have a good visit.


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Aaron M
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It's good to see...

That Zombies still have priorities...

The one in the yellow's still maintaining a function grip on that cup of beer. ;)



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